SACAS went Global

SACAS is one of the leading certification bodies in South Africa and just open up offices in Ireland to service Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe over and above services we rendered throughout Africa, rendering value-added certification services.

In the increasingly complex world of commerce, the global economies expect companies to deal with trusted partners who are able to work with you every step of the way in which you conduct business, we from SACAS see ourselves as reliable companions. We are an expert partner for auditing, evaluating, and certifying companies already globally from Ireland, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, Europe, etc as part of our globalization process.

We conduct certification audits that comply with international standards, legislative and customer requirements, as well as companies' own prescribed requirements.

SACAS brings local certification expertise to all major economic centers around the world ensuring conformity.

We help global brands mitigate their risk through our integrated services based on the different International standards.