SACAS went Global

SACAS is one of the leading certification bodies in South Africa and just open up offices in Ireland to service Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe over and above services we rendered throughout Africa, rendering value-added certification services.

Application for Management Systems Certification

  • All applicants must complete all applicable sections.
  • 1. Organisation Information

  • 2. Site Information

  • 3. Management System Information

  • 4. General Business Information

  • For multi-sites, please identify specific site activities – copy and then attached additional pages if required
  • 5. General Business Information for ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and SANS10330 [HACCP] applicants

  • Please note SACAS Ireland cannot proceed with any re-certification or stage two audits if the food processes is not opperational as verification is important esspecially in the process areas as well and not just in the management system.

    If indicated yes and auditors arrive on site the system will be audited but the auditors will have to go back for the process areas as well ensuring both the system and processes is audited before certification will be granted if sucessful. The client will be responsible for all costs even if the quotation was accepted but SACAS Ireland cannot be hold responsible for costs if not informed esspecially if there is processes based on seasonal activities as this may differ from country to country.

  • 6. Remote Audits

  • 7. Terms and Conditions

  • 1. The applicant warrants that the information provided in this application form is correct.

    2. By signing the application forms only put the applicant under no obligation to any fees and information is purely used to compile a quotation/service level agreement.

    3. The applicant acknowledge that it has received and agree to abide by the following contractual documents:

    (a) SACAS Ireland Terms and Conditions for Certification, Assessment services will become applicable only if quotations are accepted;
    (b) Certification Procedures relevant to the Certification Services requested (strike out if not applicable); and
    (c) Terms and Conditions of the Certification Scheme (where relevant).  

    4. The applicant agrees that:

    a. When applicant accepts this application in writing with the service level agreement; or
    b. If the application is not accepted in writing the application forms, but accepts the service level agreement in writing and SACAS Ireland starts to supply Certification Services to the applicant; the applicant will be obliged to pay all fees due in respect of the certification services rendered till date of dispute after acceptance of the service level agreement, as calculated in accordance with the agreement reached with SACAS Ireland and signed by both parties.

    5. The applicant agrees that if SACAS Ireland issues a certificate, the applicant will use the SACAS Ireland certification logos in accordance with the Certification Scheme Terms. No ISO logos is authorised to be used.

    6. This application remains valid for twelve months from the date at which the application was made, after which period the application will expire.

    7. If indicated yes that processes are operational and auditors arrive on site and found evident that the processes are not operational, the system will be audited but the auditors will have to go back for the process areas audits, ensuring both the system and processes have been audited before certification will be granted if successful, at customers expense. SACAS Ireland cannot be hold responsible for costs if client did not inform SACAS Ireland in writing especially if there are processes based on seasoning activities, as this may differ from country to country and it stays the applicant’s responsibility to inform SACAS Ireland whether the processes is operational or not and when seasonal activities takes place.

    8. All fees are non-refundable.

    9. The applicant agrees this application has been signed without prejudice or pressure from external parties.

    10. I confirm that no discussion was held with regards to any other certification body.

  • Section

  • * Applicants may undergo a check on credit history through existing Creditors and Credit Reporting Agencies. SACAS Ireland reserves the right to reject any application.
    ** Attached additional pages as required.

    Your Privacy

    SACAS Ireland respects its stakeholder’s privacy at all times. When processing your application we collect personnel information about you for the primary purpose of providing you with a high level of customer service. We may also use this information to inform you and other related products and services available from SACAS Ireland to contact you in relation to these products and services. As we value your privacy we do not make your personal information available to other organisations without your explicit consent, and you have the right to gain access to this information. For more information please see our Privacy Policy on our website or phone the Chief Privacy Officer on +35389 449 0553 or e-mail